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20 August 2019

Main and taylor made Products

Our products are attending mostly for the glass industry, pharmaceutical sector, ceramics, fine chemistry and petrochemical.
90 % of our production is for exportation.


Main products

Organo metallic derivatives.
Aluminium and titanium alcoholates.

Octoate de Cobalt 6%.
Isopropylate d'Aluminium.
Acetylacetonate de Fer III.
Acetylacetonate de Chrome III.
Acetylacetonate de Zinc II.
Acetylacetonate de Cobalt II.
Acetylacetonate de Calcium.







Taylor made products

Siccanor also manufactures taylor made products, as required by your specifications. Our product range is tailored to your specific. Beyond the analysis, our laboratory is ongoing research to investigate any application for specifications and new products tailored to your needs.

labo1labo2Our chemists analyze and detail each component of your product. Our know-how, trademarks and methods allow us to create or restore specific preparations. Furthermore, throughout the manufacturing process, the products are thoroughly analyzed by appropriate methods. SICCANOR is well known in different fields such as the fine chemistry and related specialities, the company acquired a long experience that she puts in benefit of her partners.
Listening to our customers, confidentiality, flexibility are the basis of our cooperation.

labo3labo4A dynamic team remains at your disposition to study any particular specifications or new products in line with your needs.
The analysis of the production and the research activity are our principal activities pole. The ressources we involved allowed us to realise our targets .
A laboratory of analysis equiped of : IRTF, AAS, CG, Karl Fischer, colorimetry, …
A synthesis laboratory : work under control atmosphere. Sorbonne allowing the dangerous products manipulation.

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